Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thursday in Taarnby 1

Well done to David Edwards, Kerry Barr, Scott Macleod and Louise Edwards on beating Russia 5-4 this morning at the European Mixed Championship in Taarnby. Scotland has now won four of five games. Three more to play.

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports, "Scotland climbed back to the top of the Red Section along with Austria in defeating Russia's Alexander Kirikov 5-4 with the final stone of the game.

The first end belonged to Russia when Edwards, trying a difficult angled raise take-out, chipped out his own stone and left Kirikov a free draw for a three, but the Russian skip dumped up short and it was a let off for the Scots. In the second end Edwards tapped back for a three after Kirikov had played a quiet tap back on the Scottish first shot to lie. A solid end and things were looking better.

The third end saw an unusual, and illegal, move by Russia when they tried to exchange a played stone for one still to be played. Kerry Barr immediately pointed out the error of the move and after intervention by the Chief Umpire the played stone was returned to the away end and the game continued. (WCF Rule R11(b) referring to the playing of ALL stones for an end to be completed.) Ice Technician Mark Callan checked the stone and no action was taken. In the final count the third was a blank and in the fourth Kirikov hit and lay against two for one to tie the game 3-3 at the break.

Fifth and Edwards had to settle for a single with the last stone after Kirikov played almost a freeze draw to the first shot. Russia blanked the sixth before drawing for a single against three in the seventh.

In the eighth, for once the simplicity of clearing short stones just was not working and Russia lay a single shot behind two guards. Edwards first stone was an attempt to clear the front AND make the takeout on the shot stone. It worked and suddenly the Scottish Parental Support Team were cheering not only at the great shot but one feels also in relief. Kirikov went to draw the house behind the long guard still in place and finished in the hack. Edwards had twelve feet to play with for the win and popped it on the tee as if it was just another day at the office. A well practiced routine.

Well done team. It's Spain in this afternoon's session with Romania and Norway to-morrow."

In other games Wales beat Sweden 9-4 whilst Alan MacDougall's England lost to Slovakia 4-3.

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e results can be found here.

Top: The Scots in action
Above: Kerry and David in the head.

Photos © Leslie Ingram-Brown