Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wednesday EMCC: Another Win for Scotland

Scotland beat Sweden today at the European Mixed Curling Championship in Taarnby, to move to three wins from four games in the Red section.

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Denmark, "Edwards, with the hammer, drew for two in the first end and Swedish skip Goran Carlsson drew for a single against three in the second.

Sweden lay shot in the third. There is a small port available for a controlled hit. David split the middle and picked up a second pair, something he had stressed yesterday that the team had to do with last stone.

Sweden blanked the fourth and in the fifth the Scots were lying three shots when Carlsson threw a strike with his last stone which hit and rolled just too far giving up a steal of one shot and a 5-2 lead.

In the sixth. Sweden lay two shots in the four foot. Edwards hit, removed one but lay just in front of the Swedish stone. Carlsson played a draw for two but caught the Scots counter to count only only. Seventh, with the last stone and two against, Edwards hit for the single to go into the final end 6-2, a cushion too much for the Swedish team as Louise Edwards, Scott Macleod and Kerry Barr mopped up for the win."

After the game Edwards said, "We found two 'cutters' in our stones. One during practice and the second in the first end. We had come out fighting to-day after yesterday's poor display. Being 4-1 ahead at the interval allowed us to play our clearing game and do the simple tasks well."

England defeated Italy 6-2 and share top spot in the Green Section on three wins with France, Germany and Italy, whilst Ireland lost to Slovakia and Wales outstayed Spain.

All the results can be found here.

Top: Kerry Barr in charge.
Above: The Scottish alternative tops when playing the light coloured stones.

Photos © Leslie Ingram-Brown