Saturday, October 01, 2011

Saturday at Braehead

I haven't yet mastered the ability of being in two places at once, or even overcoming the weaknesses of the body when one gets struck down by malady, as I've been this week, just when I wanted to be fully fit. That's when you need friends, and it was two of these - Christine and Hugh Stewart - who looked in at Braehead today to bring a flavour of the Cardwell Garden Centre Braehead Open to the blog!

Christine writes, "On Saturday the Braehead Open was in full swing at Braehead. Thirty-two teams were competing for a total of £2,000 in prize money. Teams would play a minimum of four games, but if you want to be in the money you're facing seven!"

The results should be found here.

Christine also sends a story about Sergey Korelenko (above) and his Russian team which was truly international! There were three Russians ....

.... but the fourth player was Brian Hudson. Brian is in his second season at Braehead, where he plays regularly with Carmunnock and Rutherglen CC. He's Canadian, and working in Glasgow for a couple of years. When he goes back to Canada he'll have an international curling CV!

The field features a lot of well known Scottish teams, but it has also attracted a team from Finland skipped by Toni Sepperi.

England's John Sharp.

Old and young were on the ice together. That's the great thing about the Open format! Gary Cannell delivers.

Blair Fraser.

I still consider them young! Ken Horton has his Scottish Senior Champions at Braehead this weekend. Ken delivers with Angus Storrie and Eddie Binks at station.

And it looks as if Team Graham Shedden's new team trousers have arrived!

Photos © Hugh Stewart