Saturday, October 29, 2011

Into Tiebreakers at Perth

There are eight teams competing in the European Qualifying Competition at Perth. The four men's teams and four women's teams have completed their double round robins. How many teams have been eliminated from contention?

Well, actually none.

In the men's event, the Tom Brewster team has beaten all the others, twice, but according to the rules this year, they have to wait while the second placed team is decided so they can play a 'best of three'. The teams skipped by Sandy Reid, David Murdoch and David Edwards are all on two wins and four losses. Edwards brought his own side back into contention by beating Murdoch this morning.

The women's event looks similar. Eve Muirhead's rink has beaten the other three twice, and awaits who they will play in the playoffs. The teams skipped by Hannah Fleming, Jackie Lockhart and Sarah Reid are all on two wins and four losses.

See the standings and linescores, and follow the tiebreaker results here.

Thanks to Tom Brydone for the pic of the David Edwards team in action last night. Colin Campbell and Scott Macleod sweep their skip's stone.