Friday, October 07, 2011

Taarnby Friday

It was a rough one for Scotland at the European Mixed Championship in Taarnby this morning, going down at an extra end to Norway.

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports, "Ole Hauge's Norwegian team took David Edwards, Kerry Barr, Scott Macleod and Louise Edwards to an extra end and won with a last stone double takeout, 5-4.

Norway drew shot against two in the opening end. In the second there was a chance for two shots for Edwards with a final stone draw but he came up about a foot short. Score tied 1-1.

In the third, Scotland lay 3 but Moe, throwing last stones, drew the shot and in the fourth David Edwards drew the tee to tie the game 2-2. Fifth and after Edwards froze to a Norwegian stone; the attempted tap for two by Norway failed and Edwards had a steal of a single shot to lead 3-2.

Scotland failed to hide their last stone in the sixth. Norway had an open hit for three shots but the shooter rolled out. Relief for the Scots but they were down 3-4 with two ends to go. The seventh end was blanked and in the eighth Edwards saved the day by playing a long double raise take-out for shot to take us into an extra end.

It came down to skips' stones. Edwards drew and Norway took off the guard. Edwards replaced guard but is two feet too far and leaves a double takeout for Norway to attempt. Without sweeping the stone is played perfectly, takes the double, rolls and lies. Game Norway 5-4.

Team Edwards now lies in second place in the Red Section with Austria ahead by one point having beaten Wales this morning 6-3. Edwards has to play Romania in the last round robin games whilst Austria must play Russia. Should Russia beat Austria and the Scots win then Scotland will top the table on the round robin result.

After the game David commented on their ranking position should they win their last round robin game. "First or second is fine by us as we will be in the quarterfinals. The way it works we
have no idea who we will play." "

All the results are here.

Top: Team Norway
Above: David Edwards delivers, attended by Louise Edwards and Scott Macleod.

Photos © Skip Cottage