Monday, October 03, 2011

Monday in Taarnby

Scotland played Wales this afternoon at the European Mixed Curling Championship in Taarnby.

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports, "Those of us who were around several years ago when Adrian Meikle skipped Wales at numerous major championships with some success would appreciate that this game was going to be no pushover for the David Edwards team at the European Mixed Championship.

Without the hammmer, Edwards stole a single in the first which was countered by Meikle's draw in the second. Third end and Edwards jumped at the chance with a fine draw for two whilst Wales coud only muster a single shot in the fourth when the possibility of a pair was there but Meikle hit and rolled out with the final stone.

Edwards blanked the fifth but in the sixth came round the guard to lie. Meikle tried to follow, ticked the guard and David Edwards made short work of the draw for two and a three shot advanage.

In the seventh Meikle had to settle for a draw for a single and in the last end it was mopping up time especially with Scott Macleod (nicknamed 'the destroyer' by Meikle) doing just that to anything out front. When Meikle was heavy with his last stone draw in the eighth it was all over, 5-3 for Scotland, and Edwards did not have to throw his last stone."

And here is the Welsh team. L-R: Adrian Meikle, Lindsay McKenna, Andrew Tanner and Lesley Carrol.

L-R: David Smith (skip), Claire Darragh, James Russell and Mel Porter beat Serbia this morning, bouncing back from an opening loss against Finland in the Green Section.

Here is Team England. Alan McDougall, Lana Watson, Andrew Woolston and Suzie Law lost to Germany in their first game, and were against France today and finished 7-3 ahead.

Find all the results here.

Photos © Leslie Ingram-Brown