Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cortina update

You will remember that the WCF delegates voted to retain tiebreakers at World Championships (here). These representatives of the hardworking media are quite happy with the decision. Do you recognise Eurosport's Richard Vaughan, Uli Kapp and WCF MRO Joanna Kelly, on the slopes at Cortina on Friday - there were no tiebreakers, so everyone had time off! The photographer is our own Bob Kelly. Thanks Bob, most envious!

And Bob K sends this caption competition pic. If you think it looks like Richard Harding in a tuktuk, you are quite close. It's the Italian version of the famous Asian three wheeler, the Piaggio Ape (pronounced 'ah-peh' - the Italian for bee). They've been making it since 1948.

On a more serious note, good luck to Scotland in the playoff for the bronze medals today (Sunday). Mike Haggerty's reports on the Page 3-4 and Semifinal are here.

Pics courtesy of Bob Kelly.