Thursday, April 08, 2010

Semis at Perth

It is semifinals day at the U17 at Perth. Let's start with the High Road. Duncan Menzies, Stuart Taylor, Robert Fawns and Angus Dowell were up against Kyle Waddell, Craig Waddell, Rachel Hannen and Alison Fyfe.

Here's Kyle

And here's Duncan, who brought his team through a really close game, making a runback double for the win with his last stone. All the scores are here.

This was the other side of the draw. Bruce Mouat, Derrick Sloan, Rowena Kerr and Elspeth Lean matched up against Thomas Muirhead, Ross Fraser, John Fraser and Ewan Penny. Ewan was substituting for Cammy Smith, off to Cortina to support his dad!

Here's Elspeth, Rowena and Derrick

Ross and John

There was some great shotplay, and much excitement, especially on the Muirhead side. But on the day, it was the Mouat team which progressed to the final.

Now for the Low Road.

I usually try not to be biased, but in this case I have to admit that I have been following Stuart Marshall's progress with interest. You see, I coached his mum Jane (McConnell, as she was then) in the 80s.

Stuart, with James Carswell, George McConnell and Euan Dagen were the winners today

Their opposition was Fraser Thomson, James Hay, James Baird and Grant Barr.

Note this young man, James Hay (14), in charge of the head. You may have heard of his dad Sandy, but you will certainly know of his grandfather, Chuck. You saw him here first!

Karen Munro, Lauren McIntyre, Lorna Shaw and Rachel McInally were the only all-girls team to reach the semis. They were up against Richard Wood, Neil Anderson, David Baird and Simon Wood this morning.

It was a good game, Karen needing to cut the four foot to get an extra end, but she was just too heavy. It will be a Wood-Marshall Low Road final.

Photos © Skip Cottage. More from the finals later.