Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Senior Champs express thanks

Isobel Waddell, skip of the Scottish Senior Champs (on the left above), has been in touch. Her disappointment at not being in Chelyabinsk this week is massive. She described all the efforts they had made, and paid tribute to the organisers, in particular Keith Wendorf of the WCF, for his work in trying to accommodate late arrivals and managing the disruption.

What will hurt the Scottish girls too was to find that they were the only women's team not able to get to Russia. Isobel says she looked at the photos of the opening ceremony with tears in her eyes.

At the end of the day, Wales, Netherlands, Scotland and Estonia had to withdraw from the World Senior Men's competition. England is there, but with a depleted team.

Canada, Korea, Norway, Scotland and Sweden had to withdraw from the World Mixed Doubles event.

There are stories of teams' travel 'adventures' here, with other quotes from various competitors.

In amongst all her disappointment, Isobel still wanted to thank all who have helped her team since they won the Scottish Senior Championship. She says, "On behalf of our Scottish ladies senior team, Elma, Edna, Kathleen and Lynne, I would like to acknowledge and express our sincere thanks to the RCCC for finance and uniforms, the ladies at Cairnie House, also Cate Brewster for her super work with us, Lynne Robertson, Tom Pendreigh and many other people. We received so many cards, gifts, help and support in the run up for what was to be our trip to Russia. Unfortunately, due to the volcano eruption, we were unable to fly to the World Senior Championships. Many thanks once again. Isobel Waddell."

Thanks to you too, Isobel. We share your disappointment.

The championships continue, of course. The official website seems to be up and running again here, and you can find all the linescores there. The final games are scheduled for Saturday. Thoughts are turning to how everyone is going to get home, should there still be disruption to air travel after the weekend. I hear that one option is to attach extra carriages to the train from Chelyabinsk to Moscow.

And here was me thinking that the blimp below was the alternative!

Top pic by Bob. The photo from the opening ceremony is by Goran Roxin.