Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Today in Cortina

I'm grateful to all those who have been in touch by email today with news of what's been happening in Cortina. It is all miles apart from the U-17 competition at Perth, and I would suggest much less enjoyable than the great day I've had. I'm not a big fan of politics.

On the ice first of all in Italy, Warwick Smith (above) and his Scots lost a close one to the USA. The report on that is here. Off the ice, Kate Caithness is now President of the World Curling Federation. The report on that is here, with a photo and quotes from Kate. Personally, I wish her every success in her new position.

There's no place for the deposed president Les Harrison in the new lineup, and it is reported that he has already left Cortina.

Slovenia becomes the newest, and 46th member nation of the WCF.

The worry that there would be major changes in how curling's major competitions will be run seems to have been without foundation. Games will remain at ten ends, although this was not unanimous, Switzerland being one country which voted against. The move to Thinking Time was rejected. Extra ends have been retained.

The motion to eliminate tiebreakers was rejected by a narrow majority - 53 in favour, 55 against. So tiebreaker games have been retained.

What about timeouts? Essentially these have been eliminated although a CCA amendment, to have one 1 minute coaching intervention while clock still runs, was passed. It will be interesting to see how that works in practice. A one minute coaching interaction will also be allowed in any extra end.

One rule change which will impart somewhat on how the support staff work with Scottish and GB teams is that No Communication at all will be allowed to and from the coaches’ bench. No longer can Kenny More or other video analyst check with the coaching bench on what shot has been called, or have other conversations by radio.

The World Seniors and Mixed Doubles Championships are to move to the beginning of the season, rather than the end as they are at present.

So there we are with what I see as the main events of the day.

Kenny Edwards has been in touch to say he is very impressed with fashionable Italian women, and sends these photos of the LiveChannel control room.....

.....and of David Murdoch in the alternate's role during pre-game practice. The pic of Warwick at the top of the post is his too. Thanks Kenny.

Pics courtesy of Kenny Edwards