Wednesday, April 07, 2010

More U17 from Perth

Lots of action in the third round of the U-17 at Perth today. All the results are here.

Here are a few more pics to give the flavour of the day.

Alan Joiner and Calum Greenwood

The Karen Munro team. That's Lorna Shaw (behind), Lauren McIntyre and Karen.

Naomi Brown, at thirteen, is one of the youngest skips. In the head here, as Laura Barr and Karina Aitken sweep Sophie Sinclair's stone.

Katy Shepherd and Louise Joiner watch Hayley Duff's stone. The Lesley Young team.

Euan Mitchell shouting, as James Hay and Fraser Thomson watch behind.

The colourful Fraser Thomson team

And here's the skip.

Robin Brydone

The Brydone team is one of the youngest here. Robin, Euan Mitchell, Callum Kinnear and Andrew Brown are all working on this stone.

Duncan Menzies and Stuart Marshall

The Duncan Menzies team in action

Gina Aitken

Elspeth Lean and Derrick Sloan let their skip Bruce Mouat do the remaining work on Rowena Kerr's stone!

Today's caption competition! Jayne Stirling and Fiona Telfer.

Pics © Skip Cottage