Monday, September 28, 2009

No pressure then

Let's imagine the situation. You are playing your first competition as a skip. You've brought your team through to the 3rd-4th playoff of the High Road. But there's four lying against you in the first end as you go to play your last.

I should mention that you are eleven years old and your name is Ross Whyte.

This is what you do. You take the skip's shot out of your back pocket and play it, a nice little hit and roll in, perfectly. No pressure. It's why you are the skip!

Thanks to Alan Donaldson for the clip below. The YouTube link is here if you want to watch it in a larger frame. It's from the Lockerbie U-17 on Sunday. I doubt if World Champ David Murdoch could have played it better, or if his team could have looked after it any better than did Zack Stewart, Paul Donaldson and Chris Howat.

Did I mention that Team Whyte went on to win the game? Let's hear it for these Dumfries Young Curlers! Their photo is in this post.