Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ethan again from Prague

Hello, it's me again, Ethan Brewster, guest blogger reporting from the European Mixed Curling Championship in Prague. That's me on my Czech train (above), cos I know that uncle Bob, who does this skippycottage thingy, likes trains.

Anyway, we are all excited here. I'm not sure why, but it may be because we're in the semifinals. This morning we beat Hungary, hooray! During the second end there was a power cut in Prague and all the lights went out for about 10 mins. Daddy was in the middle of throwing his first shot that end when it all went dark. Quite funny and we all had a good giggle about it.

Not much else to report except we went to the shopping mall (again) and then all had a nap and re-charged our batteries for our last round robin game against Belarus... and we won that too. That put us at the top of the Green section with six wins and one loss, the same as the Czech team who we beat in the first game.

Night, night. Ethan Brewster.

Thanks Ethan. Yes, I do like your train. And well done to Team Scotland! All the scores are here. And there are more photos of Ethan, and the Scots in action, on the event website here. And don't miss Josef Podrábský's Day 4 video blog here. Great fun! I just love the music choices. Very clever! Bob.