Friday, September 18, 2009

Major improvement work at Stranraer

A painted floor awaits its first ice. When Stranraer's four-sheeter opened in the 1971-72 season, if my memory serves me right, Glasgow curlers made their first visits to play in the weekend competitions. It was the first hotel in the world to have its own curling rink. We were made very welcome, and I have fond memories of the curling, sometimes even successfully, in the 1970s. Friends made then remain friends today.

Over the years, I have enjoyed many visits to the wee rink in Stranraer.

The rink had a sand floor. I say 'had', because over the summer, lots has been happening at the North West Castle!

First of all the old floor and piping was dug up, and new insulation laid.

The framework to hold new piping was put in place.

And here's a closer look.

The reinforcement was put in place, then it was all hands for the laying of the concrete.

And eventually to where we came in, with the artistic work!

And did I mention there's a new ice-making plant? What a great investment in the future of our sport in the south west of the country! The rink's website is here.

Curling at Stranraer gets underway the first week in October. And the rink will host the Scottish Mixed Seniors, October 9-11.

The whole process of the rink's revamp has been recorded in photographs by Gail Munro, of which the above are just a sample.