Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guest blogger from Prague

Hello, my name is Ethan Brewster. That's me in the photo above, with my mum Kim. My dad Tom is taking the picture, and his curling team Michelle Silvera, Colin Campbell and Lynn Cameron are in the background trying to figure out where we are.

I could tell them! We're in Prague for the European Mixed Championship.

Well, we got here safe and sound and all is going well. The team have been playing very well, especially their opening game vs the home nation. Dad was pulling off some amazing shots to finish the ends and had no problem drawing the button if the pressure was on. The whole team played great and got ourselves off to a brilliant start. I was surrounded by a sea of Czech fans, but mum and I definitely shouted louder!

The second game was a bit of a low point for the team vs Finland. We didn't have much luck, but we told Jussi and co that we'd see them in the final!

Two good wins against Estonia and the Netherlands kept us in the running for a place in the playoffs. Tonight we play France and are looking to continue the winning streak.

There's a large shopping centre close to the hotel. Lynn, Michelle and mum say hooray for shopping! They managed to find a train for me to enjoy too.

The Metro is great and today we spent the day in Prague city centre and enjoyed a nice lunch at an Italian restaurant. We walked accross the bridge where the opening scene in Mission Impossible was filmed.

Here's the team. L-R: Michelle Silvera, Tom Brewster (Go Dad!), Lynn Cameron and Colin Campbell.

They've even constructed a special entrance into the rink, just for me! Right, I'm just off to watch Scotland play France. You can find all the linescores and standings here. And there are some great video news blogs here. See if you can spot the Scottish squad.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Ethan Brewster.

STOP PRESS. We beat France 6-4!

Pics courtesy of Kim Brewster