Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Curling in Slovakia

Slovakia now has a dedicated curling facility in Bratislava. It's a two-sheeter, attached to a revamped 4,000 seat ice hockey facility in the suburb of Ruzinov. It's close to the airport and there are several hotels close by.

The call has gone out for team entries for the Bratislava Skins 2009, organized by 1.CC Bratislava, Friday, October 23, to Sunday, October 25, 2009.

The organisers are looking for sixteen teams, with a guarantee of four seven-end skins game. Accommodation is in the City Hotel Bratislava, which is only fifteen minutes from the ice rink on foot.

For more information on the competition, and for the contact details, see here.

Here's another photo of the new rink.

Fashion and curling. There are more pics like this on 1.CC Bratislava's website here. See now, doesn't Skip Cottage Curling take you to interesting places!

Thanks to Soupy Campbell for the story and the pics of the rink.