Friday, September 25, 2009

Business Plan for the Fife Curling Centre

The Fife Curling Trust has published its business plan for the proposed community four-sheet rink in Duffus Park in Cupar, together with detailed costings for the first three years, as well as architects drawings and impressions of the rink. These documents can be downloaded here.

I am impressed with the openness of those behind the project. It was interesting to read in detail about the partnership with the Cupar Cricket Club, and the importance of this link to the future of the project.

Fundraising, to raise £250,000, is ongoing and the amount raised so far is encouraging, see here. Have you thought of getting involved? Click here to find out how.

The timescale that is being followed if the facility is to be operational for the 2010/11 season is as follows:

1. Site secured – Feb 2009.
2. Fundraising initiative and approaches to Charitable Trusts launched – Feb 2009
3. Tender of Construction Companies – Started May 2009 completed August 2009
4. Stage 1 application for 'Building For Sport' Grant from Sportscotland – Oct 2009
5. Detailed planning permission application – Nov 2009.
6. Planning application decision – Dec 2009/Jan 2010.
7. Stage 2 application for 'Building for Sport' Grant from Sportscotland – Jan 2010
8. Decision on Sportscotland Grant – Feb 2010
9. Commence Construction – Spring 2010.
10. Open Facility – Sept 2010.

The Business Plan says, "It is our belief that it is essential that the facility provides the basic requirements of the curling rink (insulated structure, good ice, changing rooms, lounge/meeting area, teaching room, office) as cost effectively as possible. These basics have to be simple, functional and comfortable at a cost effective price."

I encourage everyone to download and study the documents that have been made available. There are others more qualified than me to comment on the detail therein, particularly the financial projections. It would be good to see these discussed, perhaps on the Scottish Curling Forum.

There's such a lot to talk about but, for now, here simply is the summary of the Business Plan, as printed in the document now available online.

"The Fife Curling Trust, a registered Scottish Charity, which has been constituted by the local Curling community and Curling Clubs of NE Fife, wish to construct the 'Fife Curling Centre', a first class community curling facility. Cupar has been identified as the preferred location for this facility, which would serve both Cupar and the wider rural NE Fife & East Neuk communities and the 720 registered curlers within the area.

Cupar Cricket Club have entered into partnership with Fife Curling Trust to jointly progress the Fife Curling Centre Project, with a view to them replacing their existing club pavilion and storage by utilising new facilities incorporated within the new curling rink building. This partnership will enable the new facility to operate for 12 months per year and will hopefully increase participation and membership for both sports and be a valuable addition to local sports facilities.

The facility will cost £1,541,000 to construct and fit out and will require funding of a minimum of £750,000 in grants from sportscotland with £250,000 from other Charitable Trusts to enable this. The local community will aim to raise £250,000, with the remaining balance of £291,000 being sourced from commercial borrowing.

The Fife Curling Trust will manage the facility with the objective of increasing participation in Curling and sport in general. They wish to operate the facility in a mutually beneficial partnership with Local Schools, Colleges, Community Groups, Royal Caledonian Curling Club (RCCC) and Fife Council. Development programs will be put in place to target all ages and abilities of participants to encourage greater participation in the sport and encourage healthy recreation in the wider local community. This sports development is mirrored by the ambitions of the 125-year-old Cupar Cricket Club, who will use the new facilities to attract and develop new players to ensure their club thrives over the coming decades.

The proposal has the full support of Cupar Community Council, Fife Council, Fife Education, Elmwood College, Local Politicians and the local Curling and Cricketing community. The local community support has been exceptional with many community groups indicating that they would support and utilise the available facilities, such as the seminar room and ice hall in summer, where possible, due to a lack of such facilities in the area.

By Constructing this new facility, the Fife Curling Trust wish to safeguard the future in Fife for the next fifty years of this traditional & historically significant Scottish sport. If there are any queries on the Contents of this business plan, do not hesitate to contact David Steel, the Chairman of Fife Curling Trust."

Best wishes to David and the others behind the Cupar effort in making their dreams come true!

A simple impression of the outside!

And of the inside.