Monday, September 28, 2009

More from Lockerbie

Thomas Sloan was throwing them well at Lockerbie this weekend, as he skipped his team to victory in the U-17 competition, see here for the presentation pic.

Although third player Scott Fraser doesn't seem so sure in this pic from the final, with Stuart Taylor and Duncan Menzies watching behind.

Thomas Muirhead threw second stones.

Kyle Smith was lead. It's all in the tongue!

Go here for more action photos from the weekend. You can browse the individual pics, or run the slideshow.

Low Road winners L-R Craig Waddell (2nd), Kyle Waddell (3rd), Gavin Reid (skip) and Adrew Muir (lead).

Kyle Waddell (on right) beat his skip Gavin Reid in the final of the singles competition.

Ross Whyte (front left) with his team Paul Donaldson (2nd), Zack Stewart (3rd) and Chris Howat (lead).

(As noted above, more pics are in the Picasa album here. Not intended to be a comprehensive selection of everyone on the ice - apologies if your photo is not here. Please let me know if I have captioned any incorrectly. Email address is in my Profile. Thanks. Bob)

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