Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Curling in England

The English Curling Association has a very fine newsletter, distributed as a pdf file by email. I'm on the mailing list, and Issue 25, all fourteen pages, has just arrived in my inbox, courtesy of editor Steve Scanlan. It is a really good read.

I've suggested to Steve that there will be others here who would be interesting in reading what our English neighbours are up to, and he hopes to make the newsletter available for download. I'll let you know when he has been able to do this. I would presume this will be from the ECA's website here.

Here's a taster. There is now curling at iceSheffield. Following the ECA AGM at Sheffield where the attendees took part in a game of curling, iceSheffield have started a new initiative called curlSheffield!

IceSheffield's website says:

"GIVE IT A GO! Want to try something new, exciting and very unique? Then curling is definitely for you. iceSheffield is giving you the opportunity to try the regions latest sport. With a range of curling packages to suit all. We guarantee that you will have a blast. Curling is a sport that everyone can not only play but enjoy, with a brief lesson required to set you on your way to competing against your friends and colleagues testing out your newly acquired skills in a curling competition this truly is the most unique sport that you will find."

I'm sure all wish the introduction of curling at Sheffield every success.

There's even a YouTube video of curling at iceSheffield! The original link is here. But I've embedded it here too: