Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Tale of Two Houses

Last weekend was Doors Open Day in Glasgow. I was excited to be able to visit a hidden curling treasure in Victoria Park.

This is Partick Curling Club's curling house - a very grand structure indeed. The club committee still meets there several times each season.

There are two tarmac rinks beside the house, and on Saturday Dan Young and Peter Shill were on hand to welcome more than one hundred visitors curious to know about the rink and the curling house. Go here for more photos of Partick CC's treasures.

Next weekend it is Edinburgh's turn to throw open doors to those interested in seeing 'behind the scenes'.

I've written before about the restoration of the Duddingston Curling House, see here and here. Thomson's Tower is to be open next Saturday (September 26, 1-4 pm) as one of the attractions of the Open Days. And it's free of charge! Read about its location in Dr Neil's Garden here.

Thomson's Tower is a unique octagonal building located on the shore of Duddingston Loch. It was designed by William Henry Playfair (1789-1857), the famous Edinburgh architect. The Tower was a curling house for the Duddingston Curling Society where members could meet and store their curling stones.

Ian Seath tells me that around 250 people came to see the house and curling museum on the days that the building was open in August. There could be access for groups of interested people in the months ahead. Ian is your contact to arrange this.

I made my second visit to the curling display one Sunday last month. I had time to sit and watch the selection of old video footage of curling which is available. Wonderful!

Do go and see it on Saturday.