Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Prague for the Euro Mixed

Michelle Silvera, Colin Campbell, Lynn Cameron and Tom Brewster, seen above after winning the Scottish Mixed Championship last season, are bound for Prague's four sheeter, where they will play the local Czech team in their opening game of the European Mixed Championship on Saturday evening.

Always assuming of course that the Czech facility has survived the visit of 38 RCCC Ladies' Branch curlers this week, on their 50th anniversary trip, see here! It certainly looks as if the women have had a great time.

The website for the EMCC09 is here. Twenty-four countries will take part, playing in three sections. Scotland is with Hungary, Finland, France, Estonia, Netherlands, Belarus and the Czech Republic.

Germany's Rainer Schopp is defending the title his team won last year, and play in the red section with Denmark, Switzerland, Latvia, Spain, Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania.

The yellow section has Sweden, Russia, Italy, England, Austria, Ireland, Norway and Serbia. Alan MacDougall skips the English team with Lana Watson, Andrew Reed and Suzie Law. John Jo Kenny heads the Irish side with Marie O'Kane, Tony Tierney and Gillian Drury.

There's no Welsh side in the competition this time, despite their great win in the event two years ago in Madrid. The BBC Wales News website (here) makes great play of that success in trailing Come and Try sessions at the Deeside Ice Rink throughout September, offered by the Welsh Curling Association.

Photos of all the teams are on the home page of the event website - click on each country in the list of teams on the left side. The draw is here, and there are more photos of the facility, one of the nicest and friendliest I have ever visited, here.