Friday, September 04, 2009

Something for the weekend?

It's not just that Friday is traditionally a 'slow news day'. I thought that it would be good to have on Skip Cottage Curling, occasionally, some editorial thoughts. A blogotorial?

This post has been prompted by the question that I've been posed more than once this week. "Bob, I thought you had retired. Why are you back with Skip Cottage Curling?"

I remember clearly when I first put pen to paper to write about curling. In the late 1970s I had complained to the editor of a Canadian magazine about the crap that had been included in an article about the origins of curling. Naturally enough, she responded with, "Well, can you do better?" I had a go of course, and to cut a long story short a year later I was on my way to the 1980 Silver Broom and my short reports were appearing in the Glasgow Herald.

Not that I was much of a writer. My teachers were hardly full of praise of my efforts at school, and I barely scraped my Higher English exam. It probably still shows! But I've been involved in writing scientific papers, and a number of books. I enjoy communicating. I'm not much good at doing this verbally, despite my years as a lecturer. I enjoy writing letters, and, as you have discovered, I like blogging!

I enjoyed my seven years as Editor of the Scottish Curler. But just because I've retired from that, I did not want to sit back, potter in the garden, and vegetate away. So, I'm well into my sixties now, but I still need to be doing something challenging. As long as I am able.

This is my hobby. It's not a business. Like many in the sport I'm a volunteer, keen to put something back. Strange hobby, you may say. But I'm doing something I enjoy. I love the sport of curling. I'm a curious sort by nature, and I'm interested in what's happening around me.

I learned a long time ago that those involved in the governance of our sport are not good at being open and transparent about everything they do! But I see evidence now that things are changing. The Royal Club Board and the various committees now publish their minutes, unlike some organisations. The Ladies' Branch President, Kay Gibb, has her own blog, and it makes for good reading, see here. Even the President, Bill Marshall, is now writing about what he is doing, as here.

The Royal Club interviewed for a communications and web content officer last Monday, and hopefully an appointment to that position will be made soon. I look forward to that, and wish the appointee every success, and to working with him/her, not in competition, for the good of the sport.

Maybe soon there really will be no need for me to write anything at all, and I can concentrate on the garden!

There are others out there who are just as curious as me, and like to write about what is happening in the curling world. My own favourite blog which I turn to each day just to see 'what's new' is by George Karrys, the Editor of The Curling News. Have a look. Yesterday's post is intriguing. And you can listen to his thoughts in a recent edition of The Curling Show.

'How others see you'. The caricature is by a friend, Ian Rodney.