Friday, September 18, 2009

Juniors head for Greenacres

Fifteen junior men's teams and ten junior women's teams will play in the tenth Greenacres Junior Masters this weekend, the event sponsored by Greenacres Curling Ltd. The first games are at 4 pm today, with the finals scheduled for 4 pm Sunday afternoon.

The men's entries are Ross Thompson, Robert Tait, Michael Reid, Colin Mouat, Derrick Sloan, Duncan Menzies, Grant Hardie, Stuart Marshall, George McConnell, Glen Muirhead, Greg Matthew, Andrew Callander, David Miller, Colin Dick, and Hamilton McMillan.

The women's teams are Gina Aitken, Fiona Munro, Lauren Baxter, Hazel Smith, Hannah Fleming, Mhairi Baird, Helen King, Jennifer Dodds, Naomi Whyte and Jennifer Marshall.

If all goes well, I should have a report here on Monday.