Saturday, September 19, 2009

Royal Club membership mailing

In my mail yesterday was my Royal Caledonian Curling Club membership card, or, correctly, my 2009/10 Membership Certificate! The RCCC sends these out now directly to all members if the Club hold a mailing address. Otherwise these are distributed through curling club secretaries.

Also included in the RCCC mailing was a useful and informative 'information sheet and wall chart'. That's the cover above, with a Michael Burns photo of the World Champs. A whole section of the publication has photos of successful teams from last season. Mike Haggerty has written a preview of the Olympics and Paralympics.

I note too that the Royal Club is planning to use the interest generated by the Olympics to promote the sport in a series of 'Come and Try Curling' events during the first week in March in rinks throughout the country. There will be details of these on the RCCC website here, and if you would like to get involved to help you should contact Development Manager Judith McFarlane, at Cairnie House, contact details here.

The brochure also contains promotion of the European Curling Championships, Aberdeen, December 4-12. 'See the World's Best In Action.'

Most useful is a list of competition dates - I must make sure my own diary is up to date! It is somewhat daunting to see the season laid out ahead like this! Also of use if you know of someone who would like to try the sport, is a list of 'Come and Try' dates (in addition to the March dates mentioned above) with rink contact details. This information is also on the RCCC website.

Last, but not least, is an article on Individual Voting Rights. This was an important change for the Royal Club, passed at the last AGM. There is a plea for all members to ensure that their email address is on file at Cairnie House. The brochure says, "We are really excited that this change was accepted at the AGM. Now individual curlers will receive direct information, through the Annual Report, on the performance of the Royal Club, and they will be able to choose who will be running the Royal Club on their behalf."