Friday, September 11, 2009

Update from Aberdeen

The biggest event in Scotland this season will be the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships at Aberdeen. I'm looking forward to it. This will be a busy time for the local organising committee, but I hear that things are moving forward apace.

The chairman of the LOC is George Esson. His vice chairman is Dr George Stevenson. Other committee members with their responsibilities are:
Accommodation/Transport - Dave Peters
Accreditation/Security - Rona Thom
Facilities - David Jack/Tom Brewster
Finance - Tim Stevenson
Marketing - Alan Sainsbury
Volunteers - Ian Flett
RCCC - Colin Grahamslaw

Fifty-two teams have entered the competition, in both A and B divisions. I note from the European Curling Federation's website that the ECF will hold a Special General Meeting on Saturday, October 3, 2009, during the Euro Mixed in Prague, to decide on a new ECC playing system, as it says, 'better suited to today’s considerable national participation'. Of course, whatever is decided there will not affect arrangements for Aberdeen.

Earlier this month, the main sponsor Le Gruyere, the Swiss cheese maker, confirmed its continuing association with the European Curling Championships. Company representatives visited Aberdeen on September 1.

The A Division games will be held in the Linx Arena (above). The new ice plant has been successfully installed and the refurbishment of the facility is progressing.

George Esson is enthusiastic about the next few months. He tells me that despite the downturn in the economy the local sponsorship team has had success, and the budget for the event is on course. He is full of praise for Aberdeen City Council who have been fully behind the competition. He says, "Their support frankly is exceptional."

Full season tickets for the event are on sale for £99. Details on how to purchase these are here. Season tickets are transferable, so even if you aren't able to watch every session yourself, you could give friends, or other members of your club, the opportunity to see some of the games.

Linx photo © Skip Cottage