Saturday, March 06, 2010

Bruadar Men's Semifinal

Graeme Connal was again in the Murdoch team for the semifinal of the Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship, Ewan MacDonald still sidelined by injury. Peter Smith and Euan Byers are the front end of the Murdoch team. The defending champions faced Glen Muirhead's juniors - Greg Drummond, Thomas Sloan and Michael Goodfellow.

What happened?

Well, if you are going to fall 5-0 behind, the time to do it is in the first few ends. Was it over? Of course it wasn't!

It was as good a fightback as I've seen from any team in recent years. Tied at ten, into the extra.

So did Team Murdoch make it? No. The picture above tells the story. David played a super draw behind with his first. Glen played the runback, leaving the shooter still as a guard.

David tried to come around again, but his stone ran too far, and there was no need for Glen to play his last! What a disappointing end to a great game. The Murdoch campaign is over.

The linescore is here.

It will be the Glen Muirhead team which will play David Smith in tomorrow's Bruadar final at 15.00.

The television cameras were getting ready for tomorrow's finals.

It will be a double Muirhead in the finals tomorrow! Wasn't it just two season's ago when there were two Muirheads in both Scottish Junior finals?

Greg holding the brush for one of Glen's big shots. Fifth end. Glen plays the run back double for a two!

Thomas Sloan

Michael Goodfellow

Here's Graeme Connal

Pete Smith

Euan Byers

Pics © Skip Cottage