Saturday, March 06, 2010

Off the ice at Perth

There were a few hiccups when the Royal Club's new timeclock system (bought with assistance from the Paisley Worlds Legacy Fund) was introduced at the first stages of the Scottish last month. For the sake of stability, the screens and laptops (and the operators) have been banished outside this weekend. Very appropriately, as the sponsor's ad hoarding indicates!

Now here's a little story. A hard working and conscientious umpire rushes to the rinkside, having been summoned to carry out a measure.

Oops, by then the thirds had agreed that the measure wasn't needed and cleared away the stones. Now, you decide exactly the thoughts that went through Kathy Cameron's mind as she stepped on to the ice. ".............................!"

International Japanese fans Yuki and Tomo Akaike are working in Glasgow. They don't curl themselves but were fascinated with the sport when they watched it on the box from Vancouver. So they decided to come and see what it's like, for real! Welcome to Perth.

Both the men's and women's Scottish Championships are sponsored by the Scottish Liqueur Centre. Here Kenny MacKay entices Claire Milne with a wee taste of product!

In the spirit of experimentation, Jill MacKay persuaded me to try a Bru D'Orange - a new conconction, comprising three parts orange juice, one part Bruadar, ice and some mint leaves! Devised by Jill (which makes her a concoctrix - although I'm not sure what Susie Dent would make of the Latin word used in this way) I can definitely recommend you give the cocktail a try!

Pics by Bob