Thursday, March 11, 2010

World Junior Championships for Scotland

A WCF press release on the conclusion of the junior women's round robin at the World Juniors in Flims has the following information:

1.CANADA 8-1 (Playoff 1 v 2)
2.SWEDEN 7-2 (Playoff 1 v 2)
3.USA 6-3 (Playoff 3 v 4)
4.SWITZERLAND 6-3 (Playoff 3 v 4)
5. RUSSIA 5-4 (qualified for WJCC 2011)
6. FRANCE 3-6 (qualified for WJCC 2011)
7. CHINA 3-6
8. CZECH REPUBLIC 3-6 (qualified for WJCC 2011)
9. GERMANY 2-7 (Has to play European Junior Curling Challenge for WJCC 2011)
10. SCOTLAND 2-7 (qualifies as host nation for WJCC 2011)

The press release notes that Scotland finished up at the bottom of the standings, but "as host nation of the 2011 World Junior Curling Championships, the Scots have a guaranteed place for their junior men’s and women’s teams."

Until today, there had been no indication from the World Curling Federation on the venue for the World Junior Championships next season. So where will they be held in Scotland?

Last weekend I learned that the Dewar's Centre, Perth, was hoping to host the event, with the encouragement of the WCF. Nothing is set in stone yet, as there are funding issues which remain to be resolved. Hopefully, these can be overcome and we will be able to welcome the best junior curlers in the world to Perthshire next year.

The Dewar's Centre hosted the World Juniors in 1995, the last time the event was in Scotland. Time for a return!

However, there is no certainty on this, and it may be that a different Scottish venue may see the World Juniors next year.