Monday, March 08, 2010

Last post from the Scottish

Well, that's the Scottish Championships over for another year. For what my opinion is worth, in hindsight, I do not think that splitting the events into two parts just to accommodate the Olympics was a good idea. However, there were some great games over the three days, and with the crowds in for the final, and the television in attendance, there was a good buzz about the Dewars Centre yesterday.

Here are just a few more photos and the odd thought or two to wind things up for this season.

Warwick's passion is immense. All credit to Glen Muirhead's side, but I felt that the Smith team really wanted to win this one. Good luck to them at the Capital One World Men's Curling Championship, Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy, April 3-11. I had my first look at the website for that event today, see here.

David Smith. No-one knows more about the game! I wonder who Eurosport will get to do the commentary when David is playing?

Craig Wilson. We tend to forget that Craig was originally in the Olympic Squad, but passed over in favour of Graeme Connal. He didn't play much at the beginning of this season. I would have liked to have seen his stats at the Scottish, what a strong player to have at second.

Indeed, with Ross Hepburn at lead, all of us in the Front End Union, know that Scotland is well represented in that regard this year.

Warwick presented the Rhona Martin trophy, the sportsmanship award, won jointly this year by Claire Milne and Sarah Reid. Sarah wasn't present at the final, and Claire received the trophy on their behalf.

By all accounts the BBC's webcast of the two finals was a great success, Bob Kelly and Dougie Donnelly commentating for nearly six hours yesterday. Good job! Highlights are on BBC Scotland late on Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

Eve is a real star. There's concern that perhaps she hasn't had the opportunity to 'enjoy herself' over the past couple of years. I'm not sure about that, but she has become a celebrity worldwide, thank to the Olympic exposure. Have a look at this feature, and don't miss clicking on the additional photos.

It perhaps doesn't look the case in this pic (!) but I thought that Eve and Kelly worked well as skip and third. I don't think that Kelly is throwing the stone technically as well as she once did, but I'm pleased to see her at third stones. Of course, at this stage we don't know if Jackie will be fit in time for the Worlds.

What a player! Annie comes in to play the final, at the shortest of notice. Oodles of experience. Saskatchewan beckons now. The Ford World Women’s Curling Championship will be held March 20-28, in Swift Current. Website here.

Incidentally, did you notice in the background in the above pic, that British Curling has a new corporate identity. I rather like it. Cleverly designed. Apparently there's a similar one with a wheelchair curling slant.

Eve presented the Friendship Trophy, for sportsmanship, to Don Frame.

The audience for the Columba Cream women's final was much more animated than for the men's match! Recognise anyone?

Gail Munro and her team of Lyndsay Wilson, Kerry Adams and Alison Mather came so close.

They really looked as if they were enjoying themselves this weekend.

This was the ninth end, with the score tied. Last stone to come, two lying against, no way of getting rid of both. The decision was to draw for a single, or draw for second shot to go into the last end one down but with the hammer. The choice was the latter. Incidentally, as one from the 'old school' I like seeing the front end, in their place, leaving the decision making to the skip and third!

I remember meeting Alison Mather a couple of seasons back when she first arrived in Scotland to continue her studies. She came to Perth just to watch the curling. I bet she didn't expect then to be playing in a Scottish Championship yesterday!

Great to have a wonderful old trophy to be played for now - the Jubilee Rosebowl, see here.

A final reminder that the highlights of the Columba Cream Ladies' Championship will be shown on BBC2 Scotland tomorrow (Tuesday, March 9) at 23.20. The Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship highlights will be shown on BBC 2 Scotland, on Wednesday, March 10, at 23.20.

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