Saturday, March 06, 2010

Saturday morning

It must have seemed somewhat lonely out on the ice this morning at Perth. Eve Muirhead was against Gail Munro in the third of the 'best of three' Page 1-2 games of the Columba Cream Scottish Women's Championship.

The linescore is here.

Here's the Muirhead team in a timeout. Now, a thought. I doubt very much if I could describe a game of curling in 140 characters or less, but what IS the minimum number of words that are required to do so. Let's try. "Gail short with a draw in the third to lose two. Eve perfect with last stone, drawing the four foot against three in the eighth. Two key shots. One made, one not made. Game over." Thirty-five words. Let's call it a 'quack'. I'm now rushing to set up my new curling website. Called, 'QUACKER".

The win puts Eve, Jackie, Kelly and Lorna into the final, tomorrow 11.00. Remember that this game will be webcast, see the BBC Sport website here.

We like the headband! Eve Muirhead. My fashion correspondent says that she suits it!

Gail delivers, with Alison Mather and Kerry Adams at the ready. The Munro team now play Sarah Reid in a semifinal, at 14.oo today. Winner to the final tomorrow.

The Munro team in action.

Pics © Skip Cottage