Monday, March 15, 2010

More Masters

I always enjoy returning to the Greenacres rink where I spent so much time in the 1980s. Yesterday I made it there to see the semifinals and finals of the National Masters competitions, for the over 60s. I didn't take too many photos, but here are just a few from the final session to give a flavour of the event.

Top photo is from the men's final. That's Ian Simpson and Wullie Scott on Alan Hempseed's stone. The Ritchie Knox team finished in second place on the day.

Matt Murdoch and David Carlisle on Ritchie Strawhorn's stone.

And in the house, there's Bobby Rae and Matt Murdoch behind, with Ritchie Knox watching the line.

Ritchie and Alan. Definitely a caption competition photo!

Isobel Waddell is already the skip of our Scottish Senior Champions and heading for Chelyabinsk next month. She was hoping to add the Masters title yesterday, and came very close.

Here Isobel joins her sweepers, Edna Nelson and Elma McCulloch on Alison Reekie's stone.

Elma is in charge of the house as Anne Airey and Margaret Gibb watch behind.

Margaret Withycombe and Margaret Gibb work hard on Sheila Black's stone. Anne Airey skipped and led for the team, and Margaret played last stones. Extremely well too, a perfect raise to win the semifinal against the Fiona Turnbull team was the shot of the day.

All the linescores are here.

Photos © Skip Cottage