Friday, March 05, 2010

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It was another good game in the Bruadar Men's Championship, the second of the Page 1-2 games between David Smith and Glen Muirhead. Smith had won the first, and edged the second of these too. That's Warwick Smith, who plays the last stones, in the photo above with Glen.

The win puts Warwick, Dave, Craig Wilson and Ross Hepburn into Sunday's final. The Muirhead team will play whoever comes out of the Page 3-4 series.

Would that be Murdoch, or McMillan, above? It went to an extra end... again. Soooooo close. With the guards up in front, McMillan's final stone had to curl a fraction more to be shot. It didn't. Murdoch had no need to play his last.

It was the end of the line for Hammy, Philip Wilson, Ross Paterson and Sandy Gilmour. That's Sandy and Ross working on Hammy's stone.

The Murdoch team will now meet Glen Muirhead in tomorrow's semifinal, scheduled for 7 pm (Saturday). Will it be Ewan MacDonald or Graeme Connal in the team? We must wait and see.

All the linescores in the men's competition are here.

Jackie Lockhart rushes to help Kelly Wood and Lorna Vevers sweep Eve Muirhead's last stone in the fourth end of the second of the 'best of three' Page 1-2 games in the Columba Cream Scottish Women's Championship.

It was in vain though. The stone came up short, leaving Gail Munro's team lying five. Gail failed with an attempt to wick in a sixth. The game continued with Munro 7-1 ahead, and despite swapping threes, Munro finished in front. One game apiece then, and a third of the 'best of three' goes ahead at 09.00 Saturday.

In the second of the Page 3-4 games between, Sarah Reid and Kay Adams, Sarah dominated, to give them a second straight victory, and a semifinal against who ever wins the Muirhead-Munro decider.

All the Columba Cream linescores are here.

It's been fun following the ups and downs of the Adams/Howard team this season, through the double round robin and the tiebreaker, and the games today. So, a 'well done' to...

Sarah Mac




Pics by Bob