Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Postcard from Switzerland 3

Dear All

Jim Law here. Just a quick update from Flims where I'm at the World Junior Curling Championships. Another day at the office, above!

This is my modest bed and breakfast. Actually, the breakfasts are fabulous. We are waited on tables covered in the best linen with a huge choice of starters, cooked or cold. Then there are personal fried omlettes or a selection of eight breads rolls, jams and yogouts. There is also choice of at least six teas to make yourself from a Samovar. Decisions, decisions. Life is hard!

Coaches and fans watch from above the ice level.

Everyone hard at work.

Even the media. No alcohol ban for them!

As far as yesterday's curling is concerned, you can find all the results and standings here. There are webcasts through the WCF site here. And Mike Haggerty has reports on the Royal Club website.

Our boys are doing OK, the girls are struggling, even bringing alternate Anna Sloan into the lineup today.

I'll send another card when I can.



Photos and content © Jim Law.