Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scotland progress in Saskatchewan

It's great to see Team Scotland doing so well at the Ford World Women's Curling Championship in Swift Current. Here are the standings after fourteen sessions:

Canada 8-1
Scotland 8-1
USA 6-3
Germany 6-3
Sweden 6-3
China 5-4
Russia 4-5
Denmark 4-5
Norway 3-6
Switzerland 2-7
Japan 1-8
Latvia 1-8

Eve Muirhead and her team of Kelly Wood, Lorna Vevers, Annie Laird and alternate Sarah Reid have yet to play Russia and Canada, these games later today. They have their sights definitely on the Page 1-2.

The armchair supporter has been reading Mike Haggerty's reports on the event here. There are photo galleries here and here.

And the top pic is from the online Eyeopener, the event daily newssheet. Find all the issues here. Larry Wood does a great job with this. I like the team interview features. You can find out which players have tattoos (somewhat too much information methinks) but also what each player thinks on the proposed rule changes. Ten ends or eight? Tiebreakers or no tiebreakers? Extra ends or no extra ends? These changes will be under discussion at the WCF meetings in Cortina. Interestingly, I see no consensus amongst the players in Swift Current.

What do YOU think?