Tuesday, November 09, 2010

BOA Board for Hew

Hew Chalmers has been elected to the board of the British Olympic Association. Hew was nominated by the National Olympic Committee – the BOA’s decision and policy-making body – to represent the interests of the winter Olympic sports on the BOA’s board. He replaces David Cranston of the British Biathlon Union, who is standing down.

Hew has been a director of British Curling since its inception four years ago and has considerable experience of high-performance sport and Olympic competition, having coached national teams to medal success at European and World Curling Championships. He has also attended multiple Winter Olympic Games – including the 2010 Games in Vancouver earlier this year – as a team leader and team manager. Hew is currently one of the Royal Club's representative members on the World Curling Federation.

Lord Colin Moynihan, chairman of the BOA, said, “I am very pleased to welcome Hew Chalmers as the new winter sports representative on the BOA’s board. We had excellent winter sport candidates running for election, which shows the commitment and support of the winter sports. I am sure that Hew’s expertise will greatly benefit the board.”

Hew said, “I am delighted to join the BOA board and look forward to working with my colleagues to further develop winter sports here in the UK. I will also support existing relationships to ensure that the BOA continues to have a strong, independent and powerful voice both here in the UK and internationally. London 2012 is a unique opportunity and will shine a bright light on all Olympic sports, both summer and winter, creating the platform to transform lives through the power of the Olympic values and success of Team GB.”

I believe Hew is only the second Scot to serve on the London board, the other being Sir Craig Reedie, former Chairman of the BOA who is still a serving representative on the International Olympic Committee.

I've known Hew a long time, and many congratulations to him! It is great to see our sport sitting at the top table. Just goes to show how the profile of curling has changed in the UK in recent years because of the Olympics.

One other thing that may not be apparent on reading this, is that it confirms Hew's continuance as a director of British Curling. Interviews for other positions on the BC Board have apparently been held, but appointments have not yet been made public. British Curling's website is here.

The announcement of Hew's appointment was in a BOA news item, see here, which would also seem to confirm continued support for elite sport in the immediate future, post 2012.

Hew's photo is © Skip Cottage