Friday, November 05, 2010

Then and Now

When I met Lockhart Steele at the European Seniors Invitation on Wednesday I was telling him that I had been given access to some rare archive footage of him skipping a team in the final of the Norco/Stewarts Aberdeen Invitation, back in 1986. He said, "I hope you're not planning to do a 'then and now' on the blog?"

What a good idea, I thought. The photo above is the Lanarkshire Ice Rink manager, 2010, at Greenacres this week. Now click here, or on the image below, to see him as a thirty-one year old. He hasn't changed a bit!

The video clip is an edited early end from the 1986 final in the old Aberdeen rink at Dyce. It runs for nine minutes or so. Enjoy.

Others on the ice back in 1986 include Archie Craig, Rab Wiseman, Alastair Smith, Archie Mair, Matt Murdoch, Charlie Gibb and Bobby Rae.

This YouTube clip has been rescued from a VHS tape of a Grampian TV broadcast twenty-four years ago. I would put such video footage into the 'rare' category. Certainly I had never seen it before. Thanks to Marion and Archie Craig for preserving the tape, and they now have the whole contents on DVD.

Lockhart's photo is © Skip Cottage