Monday, November 01, 2010

Scottish Men's Pre-qualifying

As the Euro Qualifying Competition at Perth finished early, I was able to stop off at the Lanarkshire Ice Rink on the way down the road yesterday to see first hand how the Bruadar Scottish Men's pre-qualifying competition was getting on.

You can find all the results on the Royal Club website here, and the team lineups can be accessed from the same link. The standings are here.

That's David Edwards, Richard Woods and Colin Campbell from Team Fernie in the pic above. This team is three for three in Section C, the only unbeaten team in that group. Here are a couple more photos from the same section.

Iain Watt, whose team is one win from three so far.

Ian Copland and Struan Wood from the Jay McWilliam team, who got a second win against Watt yesterday afternoon.

Lee McCleary and his team are also on two wins from three games.

"When is there going to be a backlash against the Loudmouth revolution," I hear some asking? "Not yet," is my answer. These spectacular trousers are not from Loudmouth Golf but from another source, and I suspect that we might be seeing more of these! Let's hope so. The men's curling at Perth was great quality to be sure, but as a spectacle it was drab in the extreme. I did even wonder of just photographing it in black and white. No-one would have noticed!

Anyway, who do YOU think might sport such outrageous 'pants'? Answer in a future post!