Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Canadian Tour at Curl-Aberdeen

I would expect that the Canadian women, currently in the first week of their friendship tour of Scotland, will get a warm welcome wherever they go. They began their curling at Stirling and Forfar. On Monday they were being looked after by the Aberdeen Ladies Centre. The photo above of the group arriving at Curl-Aberdeen was taken by Kay Gibb. Kay tells me they were treated to a tour of the city and were hosted at Anne Malcolm's home for lunch! After their games on Monday, the Canadians were already eleven shots up overall. Monday night saw them at home with hostesses and a reception and dinner at Curl-Aberdeen.

Yesterday, they were at Elgin and then on to Inverness today. Kirkcaldy is tomorrow.

If you have looked at any of the old videos in my earlier post today, you will have noticed that being piped onto the ice was as much a feature of the sport back then, as it is today!

This is the Canadian group singing their 'tour song'! If you put your ear close to the photo on the screen you can hear it.

I hope to catch up with the group soon and get some pics of them on the ice, if not a recording of them singing!

The running scores can be found on the Royal Club website here.

Photos courtesy of Kay Gibb.