Saturday, November 20, 2010

Women's Tour at Curl Aberdeen

So here we are in California, singing along to Scott McKenzie (here). Actually, I'm in Curl Aberdeen for the second leg of the Women's Tour. Fourteen teams in two sections. This is Rebecca Steven (with flowers in her hair), and all the standings are here. And if you were wondering... December 1967! Forty-three years ago. I was twenty.

Gail Munro and her team won the first leg at Forfar. They've dropped a game though this weekend.

Judith Carr has a local team in the event this time.

And she was up against Rebecca tonight.

Lorna Rettig's English side is back again... although I seem to have caught Suzie Law trying to make herself throw up! Captions anyone?

Anna Sloan is here with her 'senior' team. That's Rhiann Macleod and Vicki Adams ready to sweep in the pic above.

And it's good to see Claire Hamilton on the ice with the team again, at third. That's Hazel Smith in front.

Jennifer Martin, with Lyndsay Wilson and Gail Munro behind.

Scariest photo of the day! Lyndsay Wilson.

Royal Club Board Director Kay Gibb has a team in the event this weekend and doing well with three wins.

Kay pipped Lauren Gray's team tonight. All the scores are here.

Pics are © Skip Cottage