Saturday, November 06, 2010

ESIC Winners

L-R: Tommy Fleming (lead), Robin Aitken (2nd), Lockhart Steele (3rd) and Keith Prentice (skip) stole the extra end against Colin Hamilton and his team of Mike Dick, Ian McPherson and Trevor Dodds to win the men's event of the European Seniors Invitation Curling Championships at Greenacres today.

L-R: Sylvia Liljefors (lead), Birgitta Torn (2nd), Ann-Catrin Kjerr (3rd) and Ingrid Meldahl (skip), with 'team manager' Gunilla Bergman in the middle! The Swedes beat Jackie Crawford's team of Elaine Semple, Alison MacLennan and Fiona Macfarlane in the final of the ESIC women's competition today.

Thanks to Lockhart for the snippet that both winners were the gold medalists at the 2007 World Seniors in Edmonton!

Find the linescores here. I'll have some photos from the finals tomorrow.

Pics © Skip Cottage