Monday, November 15, 2010

More from Inverness

It was the third win in as many years for Abi Brown, Alice Spence, Becca Kesley and Hannah Fleming. The team have been experimenting with a lineup change. Alice is playing third stones, with Becca continuing to look after the head when her skip is playing.

Helen King, Hazel Smith, Eilidh Templeton and Sarah Wood always were chasing in the final, but took a three to force the extra end. Destined to come second, again, it was still a good performance from the King rink. Their new blog is here.

The junior men's final was a high class game. Craig Waddell, Peter Macintyre, Graeme Black and Kyle Waddell came out on top over the Jay McWilliam team but only after an extra end.

Jay McWilliam, Grant Hardie, Struan Wood and Ian Copland had their chances. They needed to steal in the extra, and got the cover and shot in the house. But Jay's first stone was too far up, allowing Black to play the double and take back control. The team blog is here.

Ian and Struan, the hard working front end.

Helen and Hannah in the final.

"Let me tell you a wee secret..."

It's a long time since I saw beer bought by the bucket! It must have been the Edinburgh University Union in the early 70s. The Highland Junior International was held under strict no alcohol rules.

Lots of tactical situations in the final.

Hannah delivers, with Abi and Alice ready.

Graeme Black's release.

Helen King

Graeme again

Hazel Smith. ROK was the competition's headline sponsor, although the future of the company is in some doubt.

Eilidh and Sarah sweeping hard in the final.

McWilliam pow wow in the final.

"Did anyone see where Eilidh went?"

Photos © Skip Cottage