Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Braehead Open Mixed Doubles

As you perhaps know, I'm a big fan of mixed doubles. It's a pity this discipline is not more popular. However, eighteen teams are entered this year for the 2nd Braehead Open Mixed Doubles, which begins this evening. Ten teams play in Section A and eight teams in Section B. The sections are played as a schenkel, and each team plays four games at least.

The competition winds up tomorrow evening. I hope to see some of the action then - if only to document the international flavour to the event. Adela Walczak, who is studying in Glasgow, has her young Polish women's team over here at present. They indicated that they would like to play in the Mixed Doubles.

That gave the organisers a problem. Could they find five Braehead curlers for the girls to play with? Turned out there was no shortage of volunteers! But would the girls want to team up with a young good-looking player, or an 'older curler' with more experience? David Horne, Braehead's CDO, tells me that two of the girls have gone with the 'older with more experience' option. I bet that's the first time that Gary Macfarlane has been described in such terms! Anyway Gary and Aleksandra Weremczuk line up in Section B. It all sounds great fun. £500 is the top prize!