Saturday, November 13, 2010

Team Muirhead in Canada

You might well wonder why I've dug out this old photo, from the 2008 World Junior Curling Championships. That's Eve Muirhead in the front of course. What a lot has happened in Eve's life since then! In the background is Kaitlyn Lawes, who skipped the Canadian team in Ostersund. The two skips met again at the World Juniors in Vancouver in 2009, when Scotland beat Canada in the final.

Forward to 2010, Team Muirhead is doing well at the Sobeys Slam in New Glasgow. I see that they beat Jennifer Jones' side last night to make their place in the playoffs of the event as unbeaten qualifier from the A Road. If you are a follower of the Canadian scene, you will be aware that Jennifer Jones somewhat controversially replaced her long serving third player Cathy Overton-Clapham with the younger Kaitlyn Lawes this season. Anyway, Team Muirhead's win over Jones puts them into Sunday's quarterfinals. Follow progress here or here.

Pic © Skip Cottage