Friday, November 26, 2010

Friends score eight-ender

I was delighted to hear that friends - or should I say graduates from coaching classes at Greenacres in the 1980s - have scored an eight ender. Which is more than I ever accomplished in my curling career!

It was apparently the first ever eight-ender for Abercorn CC, and it occurred during the John Cochrane match between Alan Cochrane and David Arkley at the Kinross rink at the Green Hotel on Tuesday, November 23. In the fourth end of the match, Alan's rink counted eight shots.

Congratulations to Alan and his rink of Laurie McKerrow, Alex McGill and Pam Paxton, in the photo above. And my best wishes to David and his team, who win the virtual 'Rhona Martin Try Harder Award' (in case you don't know, Rhona lost an eight in the same season that her rink won Olympic Gold).

Photo credit Harry Brodie