Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eve in New Glasgow

I wasn't on the ball earlier when I posted a quick preview of the weekend. Fortunately Kay Adams at the Royal Club is, and she reminds us that Eve Muirhead and her team are in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada, this weekend for the World Curling Tour Sobey's Slam.

Twenty-six teams are signed up for this triple knockout, and as I write this after Team Muirhead's first game this evening, I can already tell you they won that.

NB This is an amended post. If you read an earlier version, online for thirty minutes or so only, I had the girls losing their first game. I had found the incorrect results here. I apologise. I should have checked the official site here, which was correct. Sometimes I just wish that we were back in the days when we had to wait until the Monday morning newspaper to find out what happened! Anyway, good luck to the girls in their next games.

Kay's weekend preview is here.