Saturday, November 07, 2009

The finals

Here are the teams which will contest the women's final of the European Seniors Invitation Championships at Greenacres. Above Team Marie O'Kane and Team Isobel Waddell. Back L-R: Gillian Drury, Marie O'Kane, Carolyn Hibberd, Lynne Stevenson, Elma McCulloch. Front: Kathie Nixon, Isobel Waddell, Edna Nelson. Let battle commence!

And here are the men's finalists - Karl Nordlund's Swedish team and Colin Hamilton's Scots. Back L-R: Ian Macpherson, Wolgar Johansson, Trevor Dodds, Colin Hamilton, Per-Arne Andersson. Front: Karl Nordlund and Owe Larsson.

You can follow the results in real time, end by end, here and here. I'll have some photos from the finals, and presentation pics, late tonight or tomorrow.

Photos © Skip Cottage