Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Webcasting from the Edinburgh International

The organising committee of the Edinburgh International Championship, November 27-29, has today revealed the schedule for a series of webcasts from the event. To reflect interest from Europe, there will be a number of overseas teams featured in the showcase games, as well as local talent. The proposed schedule can be found on the event blog here.

Last year was the first time games had been webcast from the competition and, if I am honest, there were some teething problems. I am encouraged that this year there will be an improved service, both in terms of the camera feeds and the sound quality. That's some of last season's commentary team in my photo above. Whose words we will be listening to this season will be announced soon.

I wonder though if the curlers themselves will play the game this time. The spectacle of four black blobs playing against another four black blobs does not make for easy webcast viewing. My opinions of the (lack of) dress sense of Scottish men's curling teams are well known, see here. I live in hope that the men in black (or at least most of them) will eventually disappear from our curling sheets!

Pic © Skip Cottage