Friday, November 06, 2009

More fireworks at Greenacres

Team Prentice was in action at the European Seniors Invitation Curling Championships at Greenacres yesterday. Find all the results here and here.

Tommy Fleming and Robin Aitken giving it laldy!

Greig Smith working away

Ingrid Meldahl and Janette Wilson

Sweden's Team Roxin

Robin Shand and Drew Gemmell working hard on Hugh Stewart's stone.

'Whooooo aaaaah!'

'... says Hugh.'

Joan Reed, England

Gary Macfarlane

Annette MacDonald

'The Colourful Curler of the Day' award goes to.... Lynne Stevenson (and the rest of the Isobel Waddell team)

Ladies' Branch President Kay Gibb

'Live long and prosper!' Marie O'Kane, Ireland

Sweden's Birgitta Torn

"Tuppence for them" Carol Anderson

No animals were harmed in the making of this blog!

Photos © Skip Cottage