Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nominations for Kinross Curling Trust

I've mentioned before (here) that the people who will be responsible for progressing the National Curling Academy project at Kinross will be elected at the AGM of the Kinross Curling Trust on Sunday. There will be an election. Seven names have already been put forward for the six positions available. These are:

Bob Anderson
Sandy Braid
Jamie Montgomery
Mary Morgan
Robin Niven
Malcolm Steel
Willie Young

The founder members of the Trust who are eligible to vote have been sent details of each candidate's experience and their statements on why they would like to serve. Voting will take place at the Annual General Meeting and there is the opportunity to vote by proxy.

There may well be further nominations as these will be accepted up to the time of the AGM. There are currently 220 founder members, and this number is expected to increase before Sunday's meeting.

The elected trustees will join the three nominated by the Royal Club - Colin Grahamslaw, Bob Kelly and Bob Tait.