Saturday, November 21, 2009

Aberdeen Saturday

I've made it to Aberdeen this weekend, and I enjoyed watching the fourth round of the Columba Cream Scottish Ladies' Championship at the Curl Aberdeen rink. You can find the linescores and standings here. Above is Sarah Reid who skipped her team to a win over Gail Munro this afternoon.

Here are a few more pics, concentrating just on the eight skips.

Eighteen year old Lauren Gray and her team was up against Team GB skipped by Eve Muirhead this afternoon.

Lauren in maximum intensity mode!

Kay Adams skips the Gillian Howard team.

And here's Gillian, who plays the last stones for the team.

Hannah Fleming's team have yet to record their first win, but it will happen I've no doubt about that.

Gail Munro and her team were going well, but stumbled against Sarah's team this afternoon.

Eve Muirhead and her team are looking good, playing well.

Claire Milne's team are winning some, losing some at the moment.

Anna Sloan. It's the eyes! Scary huh?

Pics © Skip Cottage. More later.